Dr Boyce Watkins Tips on Raising a Strong Black Son

The Keys to Black Male Survival and Success - by Dr Boyce Watkins

To anyone who is raising a black boy - Make sure your black son knows how to do the following:
1) Work consistently and also work very hard - Those who work consistently tend to become more successful.
2) Never give up in the face of adversity - adversity is coming, you don't want him to just give up and sit around depressed.
3) Read, write and do math above grade level - This trains him to consume information, communicate what he knows and count his money.
4) Learn strategic thinking (through Chess, math or some other skill) so he doesn't get trapped by White Supremacy - traps for black men are everywhere. Chess players can see the traps coming, but those who play checkers become fresh meat.
5) Knows how to start his own business - Even if no one hires him, his kids are still going to need food.
6) Can delay gratification (to avoid dumb decisions) - Most bad decisions by men, from child support to going broke, are due to a lack of forsight, focus or discipline.
7) Is extremely cautious about drugs and alcohol - There are a lot of men in prison and the morgue over things they did while intoxicated.
8) Learns how to invest in the stock market and real estate - Those who own a home and invest at least 10% of their income in the stock market are very unlikely to end up poor and many of them are millionaires by the time they are done.
9) Knows Black History so he doesn't live in the sunken place - If you don't know who you are, racism can confuse you.
10) Can engage in independent thinking so he doesn't end up in a deadly situation due to peer pressure - A lot of brothers out here are lost, and these lost messages are communicated to black men regularly in the media. He has to be strong enough to follow his own path.
That would give him a very good start on life. In fact, he will have a very good chance at being a winner.
Dr Boyce Watkins
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