by Dr Boyce Watkins

I was asked today whether or not I felt that student loans were a form of predatory lending or could be compared with sharecropping. After doing some research on the topic, I've concluded that the answer is "absolutely yes."

You see, sharecropping gained a negative reputation because of the lopsided nature of the deals: A farmer would rent, loan or lease overpriced land and equipment to the farmer and put him in so much debt that he would not be able to use the assets provided to repay the amounts that were owed. This led to something very similar to slavery because the farmer could never leave the plantation.
Universities are similar to sharecroppers in the following way: They loan you the money for a college degree, but they aren't really loaning you cash. Instead, they are loaning you a chance to get a piece of paper that is supposed to help you earn more cash. The reason that half of all black college graduates default on their student loans is because (similar to a sharecropper), the asset they borrowed money to use doesn't generate the revenue to pay off the original loan.
Again, this leads to something that feels like slavery, since many black college graduates can't leave the corporate plantation because they are buried in debt.
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Dr Boyce Watkins
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