Worry-Free Retirement

How to create & execute a financial plan that guarantees a comfortable lifestyle in your golden years.

Question for you. What type of legacy do you want to be remembered for when you leave this earth?

Option 1: A WEALTHY LEGACY where future generations of your family don't have to worry about money and have the freedom to do anything that they want in life.
Option 2: A "GO FUND ME" LEGACY where your family is straddled with debt working vigorously to scrounge up enough cash through crowdfunding to give you a proper burial.

Another equally important question. How do you want to spend your golden years of life?

Option A: Living a VERY COMFORTABLE lifestyle where you have the peace of mind that all of your bills are paid, you have money to travel the world, and the free time to invest in your family & community to pass on the wisdom that you have amassed over your lifetime.

Option B: Working as a Wal-Mart greeter/fast food worker until you are 70+ years old terrified that you are going to die on the job. Also, stressing about incurring debt through medical expenses, housing expenses, and other bills relying on the handouts & charity of your family & friends.

Proper retirement planning is the difference between both of the outcomes presented, and you can never start too early. Worry-Free Retirement is the most powerful way to make sure your golden years are truly golden. It is a 7-week masterclass to help you prepare for after you stop working; a time that is supposed to be dedicated to your relaxation and enjoyment. You will learn the steps necessary to ensure that your retirement years are comfortable, safe and economically secure.

Who Is This Course For and What Will I Learn?

This course is for you if:

1.) You currently work full time in corporate, academia, military, or any other type of traditional full-time employment.
2.) You are self-employed and don't know where to begin with planning for retirement.
3.) You are a single parent wondering how you are ever going to earn enough money to prepare for your later years.
4.) You are quickly approaching retirement and feel that you started planning too late.

To help you with your retirement preparation, you will learn:

1.) Retirement Budget Basics: How much money do you need to retire at the lifestyle in which you are accustomed.
2.) Enough is Enough: Deciding on the right time to call it quits. (Open Discussion)
3.) Point A to B: The different investment vehicles and portfolio diversification strategies to prepare for retirement.
4.) The Debt Trap: How to save for retirement even if your debts are too high or your income is too low.
5.) Keep the River Flowing: How to create income through passive and active means after you are retired.
6.) Shockproof Your Healthcare: Planning for the high costs of healthcare in your golden years.
7.) Preserve Your Legacy: Caring for and supporting your family members.

What Do I Get With This Course?

Above are the core things that you need to know about for MOST people preparing for retirement. However, we also know that many of you have unique situations that you would like to discuss. Therefore, included in this package, we're adding:

BONUS #1: A Black wealth conversation for single parents who are struggling to make ends meet and don't know how they are ever going to retire.
BONUS #2: A Black wealth conversation for self-employed entrepreneurs who are confused about how all of this retirement stuff works.
BONUS #3: A Black wealth conversation with those who are in their 50s and 60s who are afraid that they started planning for retirement a little too late.
BONUS #4: One hour live question & answer after each masterclass session with our expert instructor to guide you through the critical retirement questions that you need to answer.

For all lectures and bonuses, you will receive:
  • An invitation to join us LIVE on a weekly basis.
  • An audio version of the class lectures to listen on your drive time.
  • PDF download to all of the slides used during course lectures.
As an added bonus, we're also going to give you access to Black Money 101: An Introduction to the Power of Money. BM 101 is our base-level course to ensure everyone has the fundamentals necessary to have more in-depth and more fulfilling conversations about money and retirement.

Who Teaches This Course and How Much Does It Cost?

This class is taught by The Black Business School's own, Jessica Smith, who has over 20 years of experience as a certified public accountant and has a wealth of knowledge about retirement strategies of all types.
To reduce the risk for you even further, we will be offering a FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE through the first month of the program.

My final questions to you are, who do you want to be when you are 70 years old and how do you want to be remembered by your family after you are gone? If you want to literally be working until you die with no wealth created for future generations, then I would pass on this offer. On the other hand, if you want to start planning for your retirement peace of mind and travel plans, then I would take advantage of this special offer today.


Your Instructor

Jessica Smith
Jessica Smith

Jessica Smith received her B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting from Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois.

At the age of 19 Jessica started a tax practice, preparing taxes for friends and family. Jessica has worked for companies such as Clear Channel, Fox Television, ABC/Disney, and has held the positions of corporate controller, financial analyst, domestic and international professional and a director of finance. She maintained a part-time tax and accounting practice for eleven years during her corporate tenure before starting her own consultancy in June 2000. Jessica Smith & Company has been advising individuals, start-ups and small to medium size businesses for the last 18 years in the areas of organization, accounting, tax, analysis and planning.

Jessica launched Life Univercity in October 2012 a program that which teaches financial literacy, entrepreneurship and personal development to kids K-12. She is very passion about empowering our youth at an early age with the skills necessary to become financially free which would put an end to generational welfare. Jessica lives in Chicago with her 13 year old son who is also an entrepreneur and fellow teacher in the program.


Courses Included with Purchase

Black Money 101 Bonuses: Intro to Money Advanced Topics
Money is Power. Understanding the economic game in order to get ahead
Boyce Watkins
Financial Juneteenth University
Get off the corporate plantation by hearing from other black people who've created small businesses and are making real money.
Andre C. Hatchett

Original Price: $333

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
This is a six-week program in which you'll meet with Ms. Smith every single week. At the end of the lecture series, you will be eligible for your certificate if you go through all of the recorded videos in the program.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund. Just send an email to [email protected] and our customer service representatives will take very good care of you.

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