When you're black, the rules are different. Your ability to understand black wealth and position yourself to be financially secure is one of the keys to your survival. Our people perish from a lack of knowledge and we also struggle due to the efforts of others who want to keep us economically incarcerated.

The rules of Economic Self-Defense were created by noted Finance PhD Dr Boyce Watkins, as a guideline to not just financial security, but to the use of economics to protect yourself psychologically, spiritually and even physically. In a way that only Dr Watkins can, The Rules of Economic Self-Defense provides a black-family specific template regarding how you can use your economic training to protect yourself and your children for generations to come.

Using the latest in financial techniques, Dr Watkins gives you lessions that will last a lifetime.

Meet Dr Boyce

Dr Boyce Watkins is one of the most respected black scholars in the world. He has taught finance to millions and is the leading black wealth expert on the planet.

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