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The Freedom Family is a monthly mastermind group for educated Black folks who have done everything they were "supposed" to do, but still don't feel free and know they are too smart to stay slaves in this system any longer.

Our goal is to accelerate how quickly you reach your Financial Juneteenth through classes, coaching, and conferences on stock market investing, entrepreneurship, real estate and other forms of wealth creation. We seek to help all 300 families get free—meaning that they have created assets that generate enough monthly revenue to give them the power to choose their own destiny each day.

Membership includes:

1. Classes: Members get access to 90% of the courses in The Black Business School. They can join live courses or take courses at their own pace. All courses provide relevant and actionable information toward your freedom.

2. Coaching: Every week, members get coached online and held accountable by a certified coach who has been trained in our frameworks for freedom. Coaches will ask and answer critical questions, provide direction on decisions and offer valuable feedback on your goals.

3. Community: Together, we will help each other build businesses, find and make investments, share financial insights, and “stay woke” on relevant opportunities.

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