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Dr Boyce Watkins is one of the most dynamic, intelligent and highly sought after speakers in America. More importantly, he's self-made and unapologetically black.

Dr Watkins is one of the first his kind and he's not the kind of intellect you're going to find on mainstream TV. Instead, he's the man that America doesn't want black people to know about.

"Being Black in Public," is a video podcast series that is listened to by millions and is heard all over the world. Once you hear Dr Watkins once, you feel inspired, informed, uplifted, guided and powerful. Since so many people were looking for ways to find old podcasts, we've decided to put them in one location, for one low monthly cost.

In addition to the podcasts, you also get behind-the-scenes videos, where Dr Watkins provides additional information and lectures on America, racism, black history and more. You won't regret becoming part of this movement, for we're starting where the Civil Rights Movement left off.

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By signing up here today, you are getting access to all of the content from Dr Watkins' popular online podcast, "Being Black in Public."
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You can view the live broadcasts as they are released on Dr Watkins' youtube channel - youtube.com/drboycewatkins. You can also subscribe by signing up at DrBoyceWatkins.net and getting a free ecopy of his book, "It takes a village to raise the bar."
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If you wish to unsubscribe, please simply send an email to [email protected] Someone will take care of you right away.
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All business matters with Dr Watkins can be emailed to [email protected] If you wish to speak to his manager, you can email her at [email protected]

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