An Introduction to Real Estate Wholesaling

How to Ethically Buy & Sell Distressed Properties Using Very Little of Your Own Money

What do COVID-19 and the brutal attack by law enforcement against George Floyd have in common? Beyond the fact that both of these examples are tragedies, they are tragedies that disproportionately hurt the Black community. You see, whether we are talking about negative health outcomes due to lack of funding to hospitals in Black communities, or we're talking about aggressive police tactics, one thing is constantly true: The more that we take control of the OWNERSHIP of our communities, the more that we can make positive DECISIONS that improve our communities.

In addition to health outcomes, COVID-19 will have a drastic impact on poor Black neighborhoods economically due to increased unemployment rates. I guarantee you that there is some gentrifier from outside of the community that is chomping at the bit to turn these once great Black neighborhoods into something completely different. Ethical wholesalers are our first line of defense from wealth raiders looking to maximize profits, no matter the personal pain and community costs. Wholesalers are the deal-finders and connectors that help find distressed properties a good owners. The best thing is that it takes very little capital to get started and you can start seeing results in short periods of time.

In this 2 hour master lecture, you will learn how to:

  • Find Quality Businesses Up For Sale at Bargain Basement Prices.
  • Evaluate Business Finances to Determine Long-Term Profitability and What a Good Deal Looks Like.
  • Access Investment Capital Through Banks and Partners to Reduce Your Personal Risk.
  • Complete Your Due-Diligence to Uncover Red Flags That Could Sink You Financially.
  • Navigate Local & Federal Laws to Successfully Take Ownership of the Business.
  • Unlock Potential Business Value Through Strategic Planning & Execution, Even If You've Never Run a Business Before.
  • Decide on Your Overarching Investment and Exit Strategies to Achieve Your Financial Goals.

Join us Wednesday, June 17, 2020 8 - 10 PM EST

Your Instructor

Boyce Watkins
Boyce Watkins

Hello! My name is Dr. Boyce Watkins and I am the Founder of The Black Business School. I am excited to invite you to our first every Generational Wealth Conference in partnership with Jullien Gordon, Founder of the Multifamily Movement, to teach you how to create a legacy and generational wealth that your children's children will thank you for decades and even centuries from now.

If you didn't come from a family of millionaires, then a family of millionaires must come from you. But in order to grow your financial capital, you have to increase your intellectual capital—what you know—first. That's why we put together this one-of-a-kind event to show you the secrets to generating wealth and passing on generational wealth.

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