What to expect in this class and how to ask questions - from Dr Watkins

Hello everyone!

I wanted to send you a note to remind you to feel free to ask Dr Seldon and I any questions you may have about how to make a living as a writer. You can ask your questions directly by visiting this link:


As your questions come in, I will get together with Dr Seldon and answer your direct question via video response. The answer to your question will be loaded into the same Question and Answer section where you posted the original question/comment.

One thing I want you to know is that this is an open and living learning environment. This means that we're always open to suggestions and ideas on how the coaching/consulting platform can be better designed to suit your needs as an aspiring writer. So, remember that any content you don't see today can easily be delivered upon request. We're here to support you and help you to reach your goals using all resources at our disposal.

Welcome to the class once again and I wish you good luck in reaching your objectives.


Dr Boyce Watkins

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