by Dr Boyce Watkins

I spent 25 years teaching at a wide variety of business schools (The University of Kentucky, Syracuse University, The Ohio State University, etc) and even taught in China. It didn't take me long to realize that in the midst of all of this academic "opportunity" there were few, if any, institutions built to serve the specific and unique challenges faced by black people around the world.

HBCUs are wonderful, cherished commodities in our community, but they are also out of the price range of many of our people. Also, most academic institutions do not have the administrative flexibility to adopt to a changing world. So, if you've ever wondered why studies show that black people have made practically no economic progress over the last 30 years, you only need to look to the lack of think tanks and academic institutions designed to solve these problems.

That's where The Black Business School comes in. I founded this school with my own resources and it is the result of many stressful decades spent wondering why traditional universities don't serve black students and families very well. Why do we aim for the top and end up on the bottom? Why don't black people own very many assets? Why do we own less land than we owned before integration? Why are there almost no black professors at major universities, but plenty of black football players? To understand these issues, you only need to look at the fact that most institutions are not built to CREATE black economic power. Instead, they are typically built to EXPLOIT that power. This is why we exist.

Here are a few things that make The Black Business School different from most universities:

1) We won't leave you in debt. You can afford most of our programs for less money than it cost you to go see The Black Panther - At the same time, most Black college graduates can't afford to repay their student loans. We also have a 30-day, money-back guarantee. If traditional institutions offered to let their students trade in their college degrees to become debt free, they wouldn't have enough money to meet the demand.

2) We teach you how to make real money. Most college graduates aren't taught the fundamentals of wealth and ownership, they are instead taught to get jobs so they can work these jobs for decades to try (and usually fail) to repay massive student loans. In fact, many black college graduates are dying in debt, leaving nothing to show for all their hard work.

The Black Business School focuses on ownership of stocks, real estate, franchises and small businesses as a key to building wealth and high income levels for your family. We focus on intergenerational wealth as well, ensuring that you have something to leave for your children.

3) Most non-black universities don't teach the value of black people coming together and buying black as a key to closing the wealth gap. Instead, the focus tends to be on other approaches that are the result of failed policies over the last several decades. Supporting black-owned businesses is the key to solving the black unemployment problem. This is what we believe.

4) Most universities do not have many black professors or provide a rich, culturally-relevant experience for black students. We leave our students inspired about the idea of building strong black families, communities and generational possibilities. Also, nearly all of our teachers are black and understand the black experience.

5) At most American business schools, the majority of business school professors have never run a business. Instead, they've focused their careers on teaching and/or academic research. The unique economic challenges of black people require that we spend our time learning from professors who have experience and can help us to open the gateways of wealth as quickly as possible. So, the Black Business School provides the best of both worlds: Credentialed faculty who possess academic degrees, as well as experienced professionals who've practiced their trade and accumulated wealth in the process.

6) Most non-black universities don't provide mechanisms for black people to come together to build wealth as a collective. This is one of the key focuses of The Black Business School - to build economic communities, investment clubs and strong black economies through the sharing of knowledge, wealth and resources. We don't send our students to alternative economic systems developed by other people. Instead, we teach them to develop systems of their own

7) Most American business schools do not educate children. We encourage our students to bring their children to business school as early as the age of 5. Project 2070 is our initiative to ensure that by the year 2070, the black community is the world leader in financial literacy, knowledge, activism and education. It all starts with our children and grandchildren, giving them a head start on the rest of the world.

The goal of The Black Business School is to reform business education, reshape business models, and redefine what it means to be black in America and around the world. Our models are second-to-none and while it is predicted that a large percentage of traditional universities will go bankrupt within the next 20 years, The Black Business School is structured to survive and thrive in the 21st century and beyond.

To give The Black Business School a try, feel free to speak to one of our Enrollment Specialists at We want to see you win.


Dr Boyce Watkins

Dean and Founder - The Black Business School